Introducing Fuze Card – a wallet in a single card

BrilliantTS has just launched its latest product – Fuze Card. Fuze Card is the world’s thinnest all-in-one smartcard that incorporates all of the cards in your wallet into a single secure smartcard. Fully funded on Indiegogo in just 2 hours, Fuze Card is compatible with Mag-strip/NFC/EMV/Bluetooth and works with iPhone and Android phones.

With Fuze, all of your credit, debit, membership, and loyalty cards can be combined into one. At a sleek 0.03 inches thick, Fuze can replace your entire wallet, holding information on up to 30 cards in one encrypted chip. With a flexible display, a 30-day rechargeable battery, and advanced security features, Fuze offers consumers both convenience and peace of mind.

Our journey began in the early 2000’s when I co-founded CrucialTec, which was the only company to successfully miniaturize optical mouse tech into a small module as big as your fingernail. We further developed that technology to develop Fuze Card, which packs so much tech in a 0.03 in thick card.”
-Jaehun Bae, CEO


  • Large Storage – Store up to 30 cards
  • Flexible Hardware – Flexible display, board, and battery
  • Extremely Thin – 0.03 in
  • Various Tech Support – Compatible with Mag-strip/NFC/Bluetooth/EMV technology
  • Rewritable Mag-strip – Information only on mag-strip briefly to prevent skimming
  • Rechargeable Battery – 30 days+
  • Portable Charging cradle – With built-in battery to charge Fuze anywhere
  • E-paper Display – Superior readability & extremely low power consumption
  • Separation Alert – Receive alerts if you leave your card behind
  • Location Tracking – In-app tracking of last known card location
  • Remote wipe – Remotely wipe all card information
  • Card Hold Mode – Locks to the card currently on the display for waiter handoff

Fuze M: Non-EMV model. Retails for $149, intended for those who would use the card for gift/membership/loyalty cards. Fuze A: EMV chip model. Retails for $199, used for all situations. Both cards are available for pre-order on Fuze’s Indiegogo campaign.

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