Belfius incorporates Worldline technology in its contactless payment application

Customers of Belfius Bank who have the Belfius Mobile application can now make payments with their Android compatible mobile telephone by holding it close to a payment terminal equipped with contactless technology. They do not necessarily need to take their Bancontact, Maestro, Mastercard or Visa card out of their wallet anymore.

Worldline, through its subsidiary equensWorldline specialised in financial processing, has developed the necessary technology to make this possible. It is the first solution available on the Belgian market that makes contactless payments possible with Bancontact, the preferred payment means of the Belgians. This innovation is bound to change radically the way consumers pay in the months and years to come.

Consumers will thus henceforth have a means of payment that offers the same security guarantees as payments by card. Merchants have no additional costs for accepting contactless payments initiated by Android compatible telephones. More than half of the country’s points of sale are already equipped with a contactless payment terminal. Worldline is currently working on a large scale operation to ensure that all shopkeepers can accept this type of payment by next year.

A contactless payment by telephone is as secure as a payment by card. The security and protection of confidential data were at the core of the development of the Worldline software.

When a consumer makes a contactless payment, a set of information is exchanged between the mobile telephone and the payment terminal. The means deployed by Worldline using Host Card Emulation (HCE) technology in particular, guarantee the security and authenticity of the payment.

Among security measures, the fact that the card number is not stored on the mobile telephone, but is replaced by an encrypted unique number, reduces the risk for fraud considerably.

Daniel Braeckman, General Manager of equensWorldline Belgium said, “Contactless payment via smartphone will change our way of paying drastically. Worldline is particularly proud to bring this innovation on the Belgian market. Thanks to the incorporation of Bancontact, it is henceforth also possible to pay with a smartphone in a large number of large and small retailers. This innovation is moreover at the confluence of our business lines, namely to enable banks to provide secure, reliable and innovative solutions for their customers, and enable retailers to accept all types of payment, our prime concern being to provide optimal customer experience!”

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