Connecthings, SO Connect, partner for mobile engagement in retail, hospitality and small businesses

Connecthings, operator of the largest global network of beacons in public spaces (130,000+), today announced its partnership with SO Connect, the leading provider of social wifi (SO WIFI) among other services that bridge the gap between offline and online. SO Connect currently services over 20 000 clients and millions of users.

Joining forces, Connecthings and SO Connect are helping retail, hospitality and small business to generate more revenue from their premises. Connecthings will be powering SO Connect’s beacon network deployed in local commerces (bars, restaurants, hairdressers’ salons…) in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia to allow all mobile applications to connect with their users 24/7 via SO Connect’s beacons. Hence enriching customers’ knowledge and proposing value-added marketing services through better information about one’s location visitors.

Founded in 2007, Connecthings has been transforming passive points of contact and locations including street furniture, train stations, airports and more into smart, connected objects communicating with the smartphones of citizens and visitors alike. Connecthings’ Internet of Public Things platform contextualizes the beacon network to send the right information at the right time to mobile users – on all or parts of the beacon network, worldwide. Any mobile application can easily plug onto the beacon network and engage with their users while on the move.

“We are very proud to partner with SO Connect, a pioneer of location-based marketing platform, helping local business owners to get in touch with their visitors, converting offline data to actionable online data.” says Laetitia Gazel Anthoine, CEO & Founder, Connecthings.
“With our new generation of mobile engagement powered by smart city physical networks, mobile application users access real-time, contextualized information through their usual apps; the mobile apps publishers can access data usage across smart city environments. This is also very exciting to combine the forces of two European leaders, expanding their footprint worldwide.”

SO Connect enables business to understand their customers inside and out, and provides a marketing platform to reach out to them directly. With SO Connect they can extract information from their own visitors, customers and passersby, so that business can increase profitability and make informed decisions that can take them to the next level.

“SO Connect is a proven effective solution for small business, hospitality, retail and enterprises that seek to get more turnover from their location, without investing in expensive or complicated marketing efforts. In partnering with Connecthings, we can develop new monetization revenues with all mobile applications, based on more precised location data” says Daan Donders, CEO, SO Connect.

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