SPS new “Hybrid 8” module revolutionizes hybrid contact / contactless card embedding

Smart Packaging Solutions, a world leader in eID documents, is introducing “Hybrid 8,” its new micro module, for hybrid cards with two chips: one contact and one contactless. The new Hybrid 8 module has exactly the same dimensions as SPS Dual 8 module used for dual interface cards that support contact and contactless communication with a single chip. This dimensional standardization enables smart card manufacturers to switch easily between manufacturing contactless, hybrid and dual interface cards, as no additional investment is needed.

The new Hybrid 8 module allows smart card manufacturers to integrate both the contact and the contactless chip at the end of their process, leading to a significantly better yield than the traditional process in which the contactless chip has to be integrated in the form of an inlay, before lamination and printing, which leads to poorer yields.

With the new Hybrid 8 module, smart card manufacturers benefit from a simpler supply chain as they receive the modules already embedded with both the contact and the contactless chips. This way they have a single supplier bringing a simpler and more reliable supply of modules, already embedded with both chips, constituting a strategic supply.

Also, with SPS “Module 8”, as the smart card manufacturer completes the embedding of the module as the last part of the process, it is able to keep inventories of cards and modules separately and complete the embedding and printing upon customers orders giving it the best flexibility and an efficient means to deliver the best service to its customers.

The flexibility brought by the fact all modules “Hybrid 8“ and “Dual 8” share the same footprint means that smart card embedders can, with a single process, switch easily between manufacturing contact, contactless and dual interface cards.

SPS Hybrid 8 micro module is compatible with the company’s exclusive security features:

  • Custom Antenna Image (CAITM), a watermark made on the antenna inside the card inlay, easy to control just with a strong light,
  • Custom Module Image (CMITM), a logo on the module of a hybrid card.

Olivier Brunet, Marketing and Product Director, at SPS, declares: “SPS keeps on delivering innovative solutions to ensure smart card manufacturers benefit from its innovations providing them with improved flexibility and boosting their yield and overall product quality.”

Smart Packaging Solutions (SPS) will be exhibiting on stand B14 at SDW, a major conference and exhibition focusing on next-generation human identity solutions and intrinsic document security, in London, on 26-28 June 2017.

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