NXP, Shanghai Unicom and roam2free collaborate to develop secure eSIM solution

NXP Semiconductors N.V. is collaborating with Shanghai Unicom, one of the first pilot units in “consumer networking” of China Unicom, and roam2free to develop a secure eSIM solution that makes it easy for consumers to add mobile plans and cellular networks to their smartphone. For the ultimate consumer experience, the solution provides convenient mobile payment and ticketing while bringing a new level of connectivity to smartphones and other mobile devices. Consumers will have convenience to use a mobile application to add and manage multiple mobile subscriptions for better coverage or when traveling abroad to minimize roaming fees.  

China Unicom, one of the world’s largest telecom companies, will provide the necessary eSIM Subscription Manager Data Preparation (SM-DP+) infrastructure and commercialization support for the ‘one-stop-shop’ solution. The offering will include NXP’s embedded secure element (eSE) hardware with eSIM features, plus roam2free’s eSIM system integration (Sim2Free), application development and system support. As the backbone to NXP’s mobile subscription solution, Sim2Free seamlessly connects eSE-enabled smartphones and wearables to existing and future SM-DP+ services in China through a streamlined implementation that accelerates time to market for developers. The eSIM offering is also compliant with the GSMA consumer specification (SGP22) to enable fast, seamless deployment and connectivity for OEMs and mobile network operators (MNOs).

“roam2free is an established brand for solutions that enables connected cars and connected devices in China,” said Mark Shi, CEO of roam2free. “This collaboration now addresses the growing demands for enhanced smartphone connectivity by providing a complete eSIM solution to manage connectivity and remove the need of a physical SIM card, which also saves costs across the board.”

This initiative builds on NXP’s leadership in mobile payment and ticketing in China, following a number of NXP’s strategic collaborations to deploy its mobile solutions and eSE that increase consumer engagement and support an increasingly mobile lifestyle. NXP technology supports a rapidly growing number of OEMs, popular manufacturers of smartphones and Chinese public transport operators seeking to integrate secure mobile applications, with its mobile payment solution and eSE being among the first to support Shenzhen’s public transportation e-payment system.  The Company’s technology is also used for ticketing at China’s popular metro stations and public bus lines across the country, and NXP has several mobile ticketing and payment deployments in Shenzhen, Guangdong, Guangzhou province, Beijing and other major Chinese cities.

“As a market leader for secure applications using state-of-the-art embedded secure element, NXP’s proven technology and success in China brings a brand new level of convenience and features to consumers and the telecom industry as a whole, while also making the solution easy to integrate for OEMs,” said Mochen Tian, Vice President of Sales and Marketing S&C BU – Greater China, at NXP. “The collaboration with Shanghai Unicom and roam2free is the first of its kind to provide integrated eSIM capabilities that offers both  a generational leap in connectivity and accessibility plus delivers a complete solution for popular consumer use cases like payment and ticketing.”

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