G+D Mobile Security brings mobile payment solution for Dutch de Volksbank Group

G+D Mobile Security is providing a HCE (Host Card Emulation) mobile payment solution as a managed service for de Volksbank. The Dutch bank group includes the brands SNS, ASN Bank, Regio Bank and BLG Wonen. The solution provided by G+D Mobile Security supports both Mastercard (Maestro) and Visa (Vpay) debit products and the related token services (MDES and VTS ), to enable a convenient and flexible NFC-based mobile payment experience for the bank’s customers.

Based on G+D’s Convego CloudPay solution, de Volksbank  will provide mobile wallet applications for its customers using Android NFC phones. The mobile wallet supports all Mastercard and Visa branded debit cards issued by the banks of the group. Users can apply for a mobile card for the wallet. The cards are then tokenized by the payment scheme (i.e. Mastercard or Visa) and delivered securely over-the-air by the G+D Convego CloudPay service to the mobile phone of the customer. Users can pay with this mobile card at any contactless enabled POS terminal.

The combination of Mastercard and Visa branded cards in one solution is one of the first implementations of this kind worldwide. Consumers benefit from the quick enrolment and speedy delivery of the mobile payment card – independent of time and place – in only a few seconds.

“G+D Mobile Security operates a service, integrating and connecting  de Volksbank and its wallet to the token services of the payment schemes,” said Carsten Ahrens, CEO of G+D Mobile Security. “With our solution for the different brands of  de Volksbank group, G+D Mobile Security is pioneering a project where both Mastercard and Visa token services are enabled for the bank’s HCE wallet at the same time.”

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