Thinfilm launches NFC scanner app for iPhones with release of iOS 11

Thinfilm Electronics ASA, a leader in NFC (near-field communication) mobile marketing and smart product solutions, has announced the availability of its new NFC scanner app for iPhone users. With the release of iOS 11, Apple has extended the iPhone’s NFC capabilities beyond Apple Pay so that the devices are able to launch digital experiences from supported NFC tags. 

Thinfilm’s NFC scanner app can be downloaded to iPhone 7 and later models, directly from Apple’s App Store, by searching for ‘Thinfilm’. After installation, users simply open the app and tap on NFC-enabled products and packages to view mobile web content, which can be targeted and based on item-level precision, on their iPhones. The app enables users to view their scan history and locations, select favorites, apply filters, and more. Brands that have an existing iOS app can simply integrate the Thinfilm SDK (software developer kit) to create compelling user experiences initiated through NFC technology.

Brands can also leverage Thinfilm’s cloud-based CNECT(TM) platform to configure NFC tags, create and manage mobile marketing campaigns, and derive insights from the tapping behavior of their mobile consumers, across iPhone, Android, and Windows platforms.

Thinfilm provides a range of NFC solutions to meet the needs of customers. For app-free tap-and-launch functionality (currently limited to Android and Windows), Thinfilm’s printed-dopant polysilicon (PDPS) tags provide the fastest read speed, flexibility, and shock tolerance. When customers require in-app iPhone support, Thinfilm also provides conventional tags that are fully integrated with Thinfilm’s powerful CNECT platform.

“With the release of iOS 11 for the iPhone, NFC enters a new era,” said Christian Delay, SVP Strategic Marketing & GM Software Platforms for Thinfilm. “This is an exciting milestone for brands and consumers, and we’re excited to continue delivering compelling NFC solutions – combining physical and digital elements – to partners and customers.”

Source: Thinfilm

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