G+D Mobile Security, Microsoft partner for eSIM solutions for Microsoft Windows 10 devices

G+D Mobile Security has announce its partnership with Microsoft to release an eSIM solution for Microsoft Windows 10. This partnership introduces an end-to-end (E2E) eSIM Management solution which will largely redefine the consumer connectivity experience with Microsoft Windows devices.

Microsoft Windows 10 device users now have the flexibility to manage subscriptions anytime and anywhere at first device activation – and securely connect their eSIM enabled devices to any available cellular network, expanding the horizon of ubiquitous connectivity. The flexible nature of the eSIM enables it to be reprogrammed securely and remotely by Mobile Operators eliminating the need to reinsert or replace a physical SIM card when consumers need to connect on-the-go globally.

G+D Mobile Security’s eSIM Management solution optimizes mobile connectivity for Microsoft Windows users throughout the device lifecycle with remote eSIM management. Over-the-Air eSIM solutions enable secure subscription onboarding, provisioning, management and discontinuation on any mobile device. Working in partnership with the GSMA, G+D Mobile Security’s eSIM Management complies with the latest global GSMA Remote SIM Provisioning (GSMA RSP) specifications laid out for device makers and mobile network operators.

“As the industry eSIM leader and mobile security expert, we value our close partnership with Microsoft,” says Carsten Ahrens, CEO, G+D Mobile Security. “Our shared priority is to provide Microsoft’s end users with convenient, secure mobile connectivity on any device and any network.”

“Security is a priority for Microsoft as we continue to offer greater connectivity and convenience to our customers via our mobile product lines,” said Roanne Sones, General Manager Windows and Devices Group, at Microsoft. “Our close collaboration with G+D Mobile Security has been important in providing secure, seamless connectivity for our Microsoft products benefiting our mobile customers.”

Source: Giesecke & Devirent

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