ZenCard to implement OP Financial loyalty card programme

As a result of winning the OP Smart Commerce Program organized by OP Financial Group, Polish fintech ZenCard and three other companies, will launch their technologies on the Finnish market. ZenCard is part of PKO Bank Polski Group.

OP Financial Group is one of the strongest financial institutions in the world, which invests heavily in the development of modern banking technologies. In October, in its headquarters in Helsinki, OP Smart Commerce Program was held for companies offering revolutionary fintech solutions. Its goal was to choose a tool with fast implementation possibilities that increases benefits offered by banks, both for businesses and customers. Finnish financial market leader, among 100 companies from all over the world, e.g. Israel and Estonia, selected only 4 projects, including card-linked marketing technology offered by Polish ZenCard.

“Scandinavia is a cradle of non-cash payments where the level of card transactions is over 90%. Poland, with its recent activities, endeavors in similar direction,” says Krzysztof Klimczak, CEO ZenCard “We are extremely happy that our technology was appreciated by one of the biggest and most innovative financial institutions in Finland. It clearly shows that ZenCard has an enormous potential, not only in Poland but also on the international market”.

In the next three months ZenCard will be preparing the first version of the product for the Finnish market that is going to be implemented in Q1 2018. Initially, the Polish technology will reach small and medium enterprises by integration with cash register systems from PIVO Kassa offered by OP. In the next phase, cooperation with large chain stores and ZenCard implementation throughout Finland is planned.

Source: ZenCard

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