Inside Secure selected by Neopost to protect online postage transactions

Inside Secure, at the heart of security solutions for mobile and connected devices, announced today that its TLS software Toolkit has been selected by Neopost, a provider of hardware and software solutions to mailers and shippers of all sizes, for its full range of postage machines supplied to postal customers worldwide.

Neopost has chosen Inside Secure specifically for securing communications to load postage into customer machines over the Internet. Protecting this high-value data requires a solution with high security, a very small memory footprint, efficiency and robustness. TLS Toolkit satisfies all of these requirements.

Inside Secure’s TLS software Toolkit is widely deployed today and is used by major companies. This Toolkit i s well suited for use in any embedded system that needs to protect high-value data, including IoT, automotive, and home automation. The solution can be upgraded to a FIPS 140-2 cryptographic module, delivered as a FIPS Security Toolkit. It is interoperability tested and compliant with IETF and IEEE standards. It is not affected by severe vulnerabilities as recently discovered in open source solutions.

“We have used Inside Secure’s TLS Toolkit for many years in our postage machine systems,” said Sebastien Gripon, head of software and architecture at Neopost. “Its small footprint perfectly fits the capacity of our embedded devices with a high security level that is fundamental for our postal business. When we moved to a new embedded operating system, we selected Inside Secure again to manage the security of the system. We have benefited from the high level of portability offered by the TLS Toolkit, and we have been able to integrate it on our new platform qu ickly.”

“We are pleased to work with Neopost to secure their postage machines,” said Simon Blake-Wilson, chief operating officer of Inside Secure. “Our TLS Toolkit can be easily embedded into their solution and provides the security their customers demand.”

 Source: Inside Secure

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