ABT, Mobile and Wearables: the ticketing trends that will dominate 2018

By Laurent Cremer, OSPT Alliance. 

The smart ticketing industry continues to face a number of obstacles and increasing pressures, with each region and market vertical facing its own specific challenges. But in such a diverse and rapidly evolving landscape, with new solutions and technologies constantly emerging, how can we know which trends will stick?

As the OSPT Alliance considers its agenda and priorities for the next year, here’s a quick overview of the three big trends predicted to take the ticketing world by storm in 2018.

Easy as A-B-T?
Account Based Ticketing (ABT) has dominated a number of discussions at industry events and in our 2017 workshops. Offering a more seamless passenger experience, the capacity to cut costs, simplify maintenance logistics and improve security, ABT is a seriously viable solution to meet the growing demand for superior travelling experiences.

But implementing ABT functionality poses several challenges too. Operators are increasingly concerned about delivering consistent, real-time online connectivity in order for solutions to be effective. However, they needn’t worry.

With OSPT Alliance’s CIPURSE™ Specification and its pre-coded on-media status register, the Customer Convenience Register (CCR), operators can implement an effective offline risk management solution that ensures business continuity even without, or with poor levels of, connectivity. In short, removing the need to be fully connected at all times.

Moving to mobile

It’s been hard to avoid the growing popularity of Mobility-as-a-Service or, as it’s more commonly known, MaaS. Convenient, on-demand services are increasingly converging onto smartphones, offering consumers greater flexibility, choice, and enabling a number of value-added converging services. For the ticketing ecosystem, making the move to mobile will be a big priority for 2018.

The need and demand may be there, but there are a number of options worth considering before launching mobile ticketing solutions.

Host Card Emulation (HCE) technology presents perhaps the most simple and cost-effective option for operators. What’s more, when partnered with CIPURSE, these solutions can easily be integrated into existing systems. To see why HCE and CIPURSE are a perfect partnering for mobile ticketing, watch our video.

But HCE isn’t the only big talking point in mobile. As it is form factor agnostic, account-based solutions are also seen as a key enabler for mobile ticketing solutions, offering travelers greater convenience and choice in how they pay.

Riding the wearables wave

With predictions forecasting shipments of wearables to reach 240.1 million by 2021 there’s no denying that wearables are here to stay.  For the ticketing industry, the opportunities are huge and the time to get ahead is now.

During our recent workshop in San Francisco, hosted by OSPT Alliance member, Rambus, Erdal Yazmaci, Head of Business Development and Channel Management atCardtek, provided a deep-dive session on wearables. He explained the potential wearables hold to deliver greater consumer convenience and realize new revenue streams for operators, including opportunities in adjacent applications beyond transit ticketing such as ID, access control and payments.

Knowledge is limited surrounding the requirements necessary to ensure solutions developed on these new form factors are secure, interoperable and functional. As Erdal explained, developing solutions based on CIPURSE offers an opportunity to standardize and simplify the integration of interoperable, highly secure applications based on industry standard APIs. Using CIPURSE for wearable applications also offers freedom from vendor lock-in, ensuring business models can remain flexible. To safeguard investment in this emerging form factor, developing solutions with non-proprietary open standards is key.

The OSPT Alliance is committed to keeping ahead of industry developments and supporting each player in the ecosystem to join in new emerging trends. 2018 will undoubtedly be another productive, exciting year for us. Want to join the discussion? Become a member or contact laurent.cremer@osptalliance.org to learn more.

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