Inside Secure protects new interactive video app developed by PodOp and HBO

Inside Secure’s industry-leading and major studio approved Content Protection Solution has been chosen by PodOp, an innovative media technology company, to secure its streaming services solution used in the interactive Android application for MOSAIC, an HBO production directed by industry luminary Steven Soderbergh and starring Sharon Stone.

With today’s newest technology, tools and scalable infrastructure, filmmakers can now bring interactive storytelling like MOSAIC to a mass audience. Inside Secure, with its deep know-how and longstanding experience in securing broadcast, entertainment and over-the-top (OTT) high-value content, is uniquely capable to protect the most radical, bleeding-edge video experiences from piracy. Its Content Protection solution allows the secure distribution of premium content on all OTT devices; supports all major DRM schemes, advanced playback functionalities and analytics; and is protected with the best software hardening solution on the market.

To access MOSAIC, the first-of-its kind video experience, consumers can download the free MOSAIC application and then choose from which point of view they want to watch the murder mystery unfold. Their choices build on each other, bringing multiple versions of the story from different perspectives. Director Soderbergh has created one version of the story that will air starting tonight, January 22, on HBO in a six-part linear series.

“PodOp is changing the way stories are crafted and experienced,” said Casey Silver, co -founder of PodOp. “Our proprietary technology, tools and scalable infrastructure let filmmakers tell interactive stories at scale. Inside Secure was a great security partner for us as we developed MOSAIC, helping protect our interactive storytelling format as well as keep our innovative content secure from piracy.”

“Inside Secure continues to work with innovators in the industry to safeguard the investments of content providers in today’s rapidly changing media and video streaming marketplace,” said Simon Blake-Wilson, chief operating officer of Inside Secure. “Our partnership with PodOp is a great example of how we help push the envelope of what’s possible in the user experience. We will continue to innovate to keep pace with new delivery channels and interactive formats like MOSAIC and new functionalities such as strong authentication, in-app payments and ad protection.”

 Source: Inside Secure

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