CPI Card Group becomes a Market Monitoring Advisory Council Member of SPA

The Smart Payment Association (SPA) and CPI Card Group have announced that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding. As a result, CPI Card Group, a global leader in financial and EMV® chip card production and related services, will become a Market Monitoring Advisory Council Member of SPA, the trade body of the smart payment technology providers.

The SPA is engaged in extensive market monitoring activities, using the data sets it collects to generate independently verified market statistics and reports; data that is provided as a free benefit to SPA members.

In an important step, the SPA has responded to wider audience demands for access to its proprietary data with the launch of two new Market Monitoring Advisory Councils, making it possible for non-SPA member organizations, operating in the wider payment ecosystem, to participate in the payment market monitoring activities of the SPA and access the most up-to-date marketplace data available

“The global payment value chain is evolving rapidly, with existing and emerging organizations addressing specialist verticals and payment applications. The SPA’s Advisory Councils make it possible for these companies to participate and cooperate in discrete areas of activity or interest, without having to commit to the extended range of initiatives and specializations undertaken by our full members,” explains Sylvie Gibert, President, SPA. “We are very happy to welcome CPI Card Group as an Advisory Council Member” she concludes.

“We see tremendous value in working with the SPA, and becoming a member of its Market Monitoring Advisory Council,” said Jason Bohrer, SVP and General Manager, Secure Card Solutions, CPI Card Group. “We feel this creates significant opportunities and unique insights into the smart payment market not only for CPI, but for our customers as well.”

The Market Monitoring Advisory Councils are the first to be launched under an innovative Advisory Council Program that has been initiated by the SPA in response to growing demand from today’s rapidly expanding payment community.

Source: Smart Payment Association

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