Infineon expands mobile-security portfolio with the world’s fastest solution

At this years Mobile World Congress 2018 trade show in Barcelona, Infineon Technologies AG announced that it would be expanding its portfolio of mobile security solutions. The embedded Secure Element (eSE) product family now includes an entire system with Operating System (OS), applications and NFC modem wrapped up in one. The Infineon solution demonstrates an accelerated transaction time, representing a significant breakthrough in mobile payment applications. It supports a full range of applications, such as identification, payment, ticketing and embedded SIMs (eSIM).

“At Infineon, we think about systems as whole, not just individual products,” said Thomas Rosteck, Division President Chip Card & Security at Infineon Technologies. “With our hardware-based solutions, we establish a strong foundation for reliable and secured cellular connectivity and mobile applications. Infineon has once again demonstrated technology leadership and its ability to apply engineering excellence to mobile applications.”

Consumers in densely populated areas desire faster transaction speeds and greater convenience. Thus, payments through contactless-card and touch-and-go mobile technology have been on the rise. This trend has especially left its mark on retailers and public transportation.

Across the globe, transport operators strive to implement standardized contactless ticketing solutions that not only reduce overall costs, but also make commuters’ daily lives more convenient. As a consequence, consumers can get from point A to B with nothing more than a quick tap of their mobile phone – a luxury most who commute during rush hour know to appreciate.

The Infineon solution includes both the fastest security controller and provides a very high NFC performance which allows device manufacturers to realize smaller designs, leaving more room for designers to think outside the box. This makes things simpler and cheaper for manufacturers. Consumers benefit from optimized solutions.

Source: Infineon

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