NXT-ID Subsidiary FitPay® provides product update on Flip – a contactless payment device for Bitcoin

Fit Pay, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of NXT-ID, Inc., have provided an update on the development of Flip™, a new contactless payment device that enables Bitcoin holders to use the value of their currency to make contactless purchases at millions of retail locations.

Michael Orlando, COO of NXT-ID and President of Fit Pay, Inc. provided the following product update on Flip: “We are very excited to report that the initial production run of the Flip payment device as well as the end-to-end testing of the digital wallet and Bitcoin exchange integration to enable the device have all been completed. This represents tremendous progress in bringing this unique cryptocurrency payment device to market.”

“Because Flip is a brand-new payment device, it requires card network and bank approval. We have been working hard to secure those approvals and now expect to ship the initial pre-orders within the coming weeks and go into mass production soon after.”

Flip’s near field communication (NFC) antenna allows it to transact payments at any retail point of sale location that accepts contactless payments. Flip stores a preloaded amount of U.S. dollars that are exchanged from the user’s existing Bitcoin account. Flip includes a digital wallet that allows the user to set how much value they would like their Flip to hold and when they would like it to reload. Flip does not need to be charged.

Consumers interested in purchasing Flip can pre-order the device at https://www.fliptopay.com/ . The retail price for Flip is $29 with standard shipping included. There are account and exchange fees associated with maintaining a Flip digital wallet. Flip is currently only available in the United States. For more information or to order Flip, visit https://www.fliptopay.com/ .

Source: Fit Pay Inc.

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