26.04.16 Conference Agenda


DAY 1: Contactless Intelligence Conference

Eventbrite - 2016 Contactless Intelligence Conference, Forums and Contactless & Mobile Awards Dinner

Managing the Convergence of Intelligent Payment Solutions

09:15 – 09:20 Opening Remarks: Steve Atkins, Editor-in-Chief of Contactless Intelligence and CEO of Krowne Communications

Conference Moderator: Ram Banerjee,  Transaxiom

09:20 – 10:00 Industry Key Notes

The convergence of intelligent payment solutions is the next step for mobile and contactless implementations throughout Europe. Two leading players are sharing their visions with us during the opening keynotes:

  • Sandra Alzetta, Executive Director Product Enablement, Visa Europe
  • Tami Hargreaves, Director of Digital Consumer Payments, Barclaycard

10:00 – 11:10 SESSION 1: How are digital and contactless technologies helping our local economies grow?

In this session we’re looking at the changing face of payments outside of the normal retail environment. While the industry and local governments are supporting the move towards a mobile and contactless infrastructure, we’re asking: What is the reality? Are local economies really growing as a result of contactless implementations? We have invited spokespersons from groups representing city centres, market traders, vending, charity collections as well as taxi drivers to get a realistic picture of the customer experience.


  • Can’t touch this – how contactless is changing the third sector
    Cancer Research UK: Paul Weaver – Digital Innovation Manager 
  • The Impact of Cashless Payment in Soft Drinks Vending
    Lucozade Ribena Suntory: Daphne Stopforth – Chilled Solutions Manager
  • Cork Cashes Out – Cork’s move to become Ireland’s first cash-free city
    Cork Cashes Out (a Cork City Centre Forum initiative):
     Ciarán Curran – Associate Director


  • Creditcall: Lars Pedersen – CEO
  • Love Your Local Market (a National Association of British Market Authorities initiative): Ellie Gill
  • cab:app: Derek Stewart – Co-founder

11:10 – 11:40 Networking Break

11:40 – 13:00 SESSION 2: Can contactless ticketing really move beyond regional silos?

This session looks at the mobility sector: The introduction of smart ticketing on public transport has fundamentally changed how passengers around the world pay for and manage their travel. Beyond that, it has become a reference on how customers view public transport services. In this session, we want to look at how different regions and even different countries, can work together to improve the customer experience.


  • Contactless Transit Collaboration
    The UK Cards Association (UK): Richard Koch – Head of Cards Policy
  • Transport for the North: Integrated and Smart Travel
    TfN – Transport for the North (UK): Alison Pilling – Programme Director for Integrated and Smart Travel
    TfGM – Transport for Greater Manchester (UK): Steve Ramsay
  • The Belgian Public Transport Card heading for the future of e-services
    La Société des Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles (Belgium): Erik Baele
  • The Journey to Contactless Ticketing
    Masabi: Stuart McLay – Senior Account Manager


  • ATOC – the Association of Train Operating Companies (UK): Steve Howes – Managing Director, Rail Settlement Plan
  • Infineon: Bjoern Scharfen – Marketing Director

13:00 – 14:00 LUNCH

14:00 – 15:15 SESSION 3: The Future of Payment

Payments could be facing a massive upheaval in terms of technology, and application solutions. From transactions within specific commerce networks to a traceable global currency complete with an efficient infrastructure will mean not only a massive cost reduction for all market participants, it will even change global banking. The next evolution in payments is about to begin.


  • Driving commerce by bridging the online to offline gap
    TrialPay: Eric Lein – Head of European Operations
  • The Blockchain: What is it and why should you care?
    Epiphyte: Edan Yago – CEO
  • Contactless Payments powered by the Blockchain
    Plutus.it: Danial Daychopan – CEO

Filling the mobile wallet – augmenting real-time interactions

When is a wallet more than a wallet? When it becomes an enabler of day to day interactivity. Payment is not the only aspect found within a physical wallet and should not be considered the only element found in the virtual wallet either. While ID and credentials make up a significant portion of the users day to day activities, the mobile wallet has yet to catch up. Until it does so, it will always play second fiddle to a physical wallet.


  • GSMA: Claire Maslen – Senior Financial Services Manager
  • Visa Europe: Jonathan Vaux – Executive Director, Innovation Partnerships
  • Samsung: Joerg Suchy – Associate Director Strategic Business Development Chip Card, NFC and Bio-Processor for EMEA

15:15 – 15:40 Networking Break


  • GROUP 1: Charity – How can contactless technology be harnessed by the charity sector to increase donations?  What support is still needed from the contactless industry? Can the mobile phone (NFC, mobile wallets, apps etc.) add a new dimension to interaction with donators?
    Group Leader: Ian Shayler, The UK Cards Association
  • GROUP 2: Beyond bricks & mortar – What benefits can contactless/NFC really provide to small businesses, street traders, taxi drivers and vending operators? How can the different sectors build on each others’ success stories? What still needs to be done for contactless to become the payment method of choice?
    Group Leader: Richard Warren, Miura Systems
  • GROUP 3: Services within the mobility sector – Will the UK transport sector really be able to agree on a countrywide scheme? Can we learn from other countries? Can the commuter/traveller ever hope to make a cashless journey  from door to door (parking, train, bus, bike hire etc.)?
    Group Leader: Kevin Farquharson, Smart Card Networking Forum
  • GROUP 4: Alternative payment methods – We’ve been hearing about “disruptive players” in the payment industry for many years now, but who are those players? How can the consumer benefit from new technologies/processes/ecosystems? What might our ecosystem look like in the future?
    Group Leader: John Devlin, P.A.ID
  • GROUP 5: The future of wearables – With major brands launching their own smart watches, wristbands and NFC enabled clothing, is this a technology fad or a natural evolution for contactless technology? What are the potential business cases? Will the older generation be left behind? How can the functionality move beyond payment and integrate multiple applications and services for the user?
    Group Leader: Phil Sealy, ABI Research

16:30 – 17:00 WRAP UP

17:00 END

18:30 – 19:00 Drinks reception sponsored by Infineon

19:00 – 22:30 Contactless & Mobile Awards Gala Dinner sponsored by Visa Europe

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Eventbrite - 2016 Contactless Intelligence Conference, Forums and Contactless & Mobile Awards Dinner