Presentation Download – 2012

09.30  – 09.40 Welcome by Steve Atkins, CEO Krowne Communications

Chairman: Ram Banerjee, Globe-Smart Ltd.

09.40 – 10.00 Keynote: Meeting customers’ choice of experience in a digital payments future
Tom Gregory – Barclaycard: presentation

10.00 – 10.40 Security in question
Joerg Suchy  – Samsung: NFC – On the Way to Open Standards: presentation
Juergen Spaenkuch – Infineon: NFC Use Cases converge in the need for Security: presentation
Implementers Discussion Panel: Raja Ray –VeriFone, Richard Braham –  British Retail Consortium, Tom Gregory – Barclaycard, Elke Fischer –VDV-Kernapplikations

10.40 – 11.10 Networking Coffee – Sponsored by Escher

11.10 – 11.55 Enriching the purchasing experience – with NFC
Claire Maslen – O2:  The Mobile High Street: presentation
Markus Lobmaier – Kadona: The NFC Revolution – A new era of dialogue between customers and the retail industry: presentation
Dr. Neil Garner – Proxama: Enriching the purchasing experience: presentation

11.55 – 12.10 Do-It-Yourself NFC tagging – marketing through the mobile
Rupert Englander – Nokia and Ashley Bolser – Bolser: NFC Hub: presentation

12.10 – 12.25 Building Great Wallet Services with Marketing through the Mobile
Anthony Belpaire – Alcatel Lucent: When mobile advertising meets
mobile wallets: presentation

12.25 – 13.00 Implementers Discussion Panel
Panelists: Previous session speakers + Johan Bygden – Scandinavian Airlines, Rene Batsford – EAT

13.00  – 14.00 Networking Lunch – Sponsored by American Express

14.00 – 15.00 The Contactless & NFC City Connection + Clever on tap NFC Quiz by O2

O2 hosts the “Clever on tap” Quiz where each table will compete against each other and each member of the winning table will win a bottle of champagne!

Q1. What percentage of people sent an offer through mobile media channels in the UK, redeem that offer against a purchase?
A: 3%  B: 8%  C: 21%  D: 32%

Q2. Of the 10 million O2 customers opted into O2 More media campaigns, what is the opt out rate?
A: 1.4%  B: 3.7%  C: 4.1%  D: 7.6%

Q3. What percentage of people opted into O2 More media campaigns LIKE location based messages?
A: 14%  B: 41%  C: 84%  D: 95%

Q4. What is the worldwide forecast of NFC enabled phones in 2014?
A: 252m  B: 389m  C: 412m  D: 605m

Q5. At what percentage is Mobile Retail (Advertising, Coupons & Smart Posters) growing per annum?
A: 17%  B: 24%  C: 38%  D: 43%

Q6. How many smartphone users use their device for help with shopping?
A: 43%  B: 56%  C: 67%  D: 79%

Jukka Yliuntinen – Giesecke & Devrient: Turning TSM trials into Commercial Launch: presentation
James Davlouros – MasterCard: Going Commercial with Mobile Payments Solutions (Turkey) +  Winners of the Contactless & NFC City League: presentation
Alun Edwards – Coca-Cola: London 2012  – Leaving a contactless legacy: presentation

15.00  – 15.30 Networking Tea – Sponsored by Escher

15.30  – 17.15 Networking Groups in our Contactless World
A selection of industry working groups based on topics that will be relevant for fast tracking solutions discussed in the morning. Each Group must then raise a question for a group they have not sat in, whilst the chair of each Group compiles a summary of their group’s findings. Each Group Chair will present to delegates their group findings. Each Chair will then sit on a panel to take the 4 questions raised and debate.

Group 1: DIY Tagging – What could you build with your partners? Chair – Connecthings Summary Group One

Group 2: Security – What are the issues that consumers and implementers need to overcome for mass adoption? Chair – G&D Summary Group Two

Group 3: Social Media Campaigns – how could they be used in staff training & consumer understanding? What partnerships can be developed to serve the market? Chair – O2 Summary Group Three

Group 4:  Wallet Partners – Google, Visa, O2 & Barclays all have offers – is the mobile wallet just a folder sitting on your phone holding each app or much more? Chair – Proxama Summary Group Four

Group 5: 2012 lessons  – what is the legacy we take away from the Olympic games? Chair – Visa Europe Summary Group Five

17.15  – 17.30 Chairman’s Roundup

17.30  – 18.00 Final visit to Demo Area

18.30  – 19.00 Interactive drinks reception – Sponsored by Proxama

19.00  – 23.00 Contactless & Mobile Awards Dinner: Platinum sponsor Visa Europe, Gold sponsor O2