Conference Agenda – 2014

Eventbrite - The 2014 Contactless Intelligence Spring Conference and Contactless & Mobile Awards Dinner
Hilton London Tower Bridge 5 More London Place Tooley Street SE1 2BY London Tuesday 29th April 2014
09.15  – 09.20 Welcome: Steve Atkins – Editor in Chief, Contactless Intelligence

Chairman: Ram Banerjee, Transaxiom

09.20  – 10.00 Keynote: State of Play Our Keynote speakers will set the current scene in the contactless arena. What projects have taken off in Europe and where is contactless being embraced by consumers? What issues will industry players face and what challenges still need to be addressed? And closer to home we examine the roll-out of credit/debit card payment for travel on the Transport for London network. Has this produced the predicted increase in contactless usage and encouraged consumers to use the technology outside of the station?
Confirmed Speakers:

  • “Contactless progress within Europe – best practice today and the opportunities and challenges ahead” Visa Europe, Mark Austin – Director of Contactless
  • “Transportation driving contactless card usage in the UK: an update on TfL’s roll-out of payment card acceptance for pay as you go travel” Transport for London (TfL), Mike Tuckett – Head of Transformation Delivery

10.00 – 11.00  Learning from Experience – Would a co-ordinated approach create a better customer experience? It has long been said that until the contactless industry comes together to provide unified messaging, implementers and consumers alike will receive conflicting and sometimes confusing information. In the UK, the cards industry is working together to provide this unity and share its learnings with the market. In this session we hear how the industry has managed to produce consolidated messaging and what they discovered from working together. What impact will this have on the market and how can they continue to work together as the technology evolves? We also discuss the impact such work could have in other countries and look to see if there are similar projects abroad.
Confirmed Speakers:

  • “Industry collaboration: Are we getting it right?” The UK Cards Association – Graham Peacop, Managing Director
  • “Industry Co-operation: But what about the Cardholder?” The Post Office – Michael Birchall, Payments Product Manager

Confirmed Panelists:

  • GSMA – Paul Crutchley, Strategic Marketing Development Director
  • Association of Convenience Stores – Edward Woodall, Public Affairs Manager 
  • British Retail Consortium – Richard Braham, Policy Advisor 
  • British Independent Retailers Association  – Michael Weedon, Deputy CEO

11.00  – 11.30 Networking Coffee

11.30 – 13.00  Retail of the Future: the Endless Shelf As retailers try to embrace the ever changing technologies on offer to improve the customer’s experience and ultimately increase profits, we examine the different alternatives on offer. Can high street stores compete with their online counterparts with the introduction of digital signage, mobile phone payments and loyalty schemes? Which partners will need to be involved and how is the ever complex infrastructure to be handled? How do retailers keep up-to-date with consumers’ changing habits and provide offerings that people actually want?
Confirmed  Speakers:

  • “Where the clicks meet the bricks – the adoption of technology on the High Street and the Side Street” Association of Town & City Management – Guy Douglas, Digital High Street Programme Manager 
  • “Endless shelves or how is bringing e-commerce into physical stores” – Andreas Doering, CEO 
  • “Retail of the Future: The Endless Shelf in a US Department Store” Thinaire – Mark Donovan,  COO

Confirmed Panelists:

  • Samsung Semiconductor (Retail of Tomorrow Consortium) – Thomas Arenz, Associate Director 
  • Grassfish – Edmond Schuster, Business Development 
  • VeriFone – Raja Ray, Director of Solutions

13.00  – 14.00 Networking Lunch

14.00  – 14.40 Technology Insights Collaborations can be found along the contactless and mobile value chain; it is an essential driving force in the technology arena. For fast and successful system implementation, the semiconductor core of a contactless and mobile solution plays an increasingly important role. Find out from the world leading semiconductor providers what to look out for in the coming months.
Confirmed speakers:

  • “Multi-Application Best Practice: Convergence of Mobile Payment & Mobile Transport” Infineon Technologies – Björn Scharfen, Head of Contactless 
  • “A vision realized: more contactless devices deployed than the number of people living on our planet, what’s coming next?” NXP – Alexander Rensink, Strategic Marketing Director, ID business unit  

14.40 – 15.40 Mobile technologies: competition or co-operation? In this session we review the progress of different emerging mobile technologies and discuss what impact they will have on the consumer. Will BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) replace NFC in the retail environment or can they co-exist to provide a richer marketing experience? With increasing support of HCE (Host Card Emulation) by financial institutions, will there be a move towards securing mobile payments via the cloud, rather than the secure element? And what impact will such technologies have on the “ownership” of the mobile wallet?
Confirmed Speakers:

  • “From pull to push – how beacons change apps and payments” Appflare – Owen Geddes, Founder
  • “Navigating a fragmented market in mobile” Weve  –  David Sear, Chief Executive

Confirmed Panelists:

  • GS1 – Ercan Kilic, MobileCom Project Leader 
  • Mobey Forum  Kristian T. Sørensen, Chairman of the Marketing Work Group
  • Barclaycard  Adam Herson, Barclaycard Business Manager

15.40 – 16.10 Networking Tea

16.10  – 17.25 Networking Groups In the last session of the day, this popular working group format creates smaller teams to work on topics that will be relevant for fast tracking solutions discussed in the morning

  • Group 1: What’s next in the contactless space? Contactless has been rolled out across the UK, but how will we move to mobile? Should the £20 limit be increased to encourage spending? What issues still need to be addressed for a more widespread adoption? Is security still a perceived issue for consumers? Group Leaders: Andy Lack & Sarah McKee – Directors, Jigsaw Research
  • Group 2: Is there too much choice? There are many contactless and NFC solutions being worked on by the industry, but is this confusing for consumers? Do they want the technology on offer? How can retailers be sure to pick the right offering for their business? Group Leader: Terry Heath – Co-Founder, Seren
  • Group 3: Can a unified industry approach to contactless drive the market? Is it too late for a united front from the major industry players? What learnings can be shared to improve the experience for both implementers and consumers? Would a UK model work in other markets? Group Leader: John Devlin – Practice Director, ABI Research
  • Group 4: What is the consumer’s journey when moving to mobile? With so many different players in the mobile/NFC value chain, what impact will this have on the consumer’s experience? Will there be new players in the market space and how will they work together? Group Leader: Richard Warren – Managing Director, FirstPartner
  • Group 5: What does the future hold for Retailers? What does convergence mean to retailers? Should retailers follow the omnichannel approach or a single device solution? How have consumers reacted to the changes in technology? Can contactless/NFC solutions help the high street? Group Leader: Neil Garner – CEO & Founder, Proxama

17.25  – 17.30 Chairman’s Roundup

17.30  – 18.00 Final visit to the demonstrations

18.30  – 19.00 Drinks reception

19.00  – 23.00 Contactless & Mobile Awards Dinner: Corporate Sponsor Visa Europe

Tickets at £750+VAT

Eventbrite - The 2014 Contactless Intelligence Spring Conference and Contactless & Mobile Awards Dinner