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CMA2016 Winner_Placeholder

And here they are… Winners of the 2016 CMAs announced

The 10th Contactless & Mobile Awards (sponsored by Visa Europe and Visa Europe Collab) have once more attracted a record turnout, making it an important fixture in the contactless calendar and recognising the global acceptance for contactless and NFC technology. The 2016 Contactless Intelligence Contactless & Mobile Awards honour achievements across a wide range of […]

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Mobile Wallet

Meet the CMA 2016 Finalists: Mobile Wallet

This is the age of the mobile wallet. And just like the traditional wallets that this new technology is trying to usurp, there is a seemingly unending range of mobile wallet solutions. And not all of them are tied to the traditional payment infrastructure – as you will soon see. This award is for the […]

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ID Auth

Meet the CMA 2016 Finalists: ID & Authentication

Secure Authentication is key when it comes to securing people’s identity. Living in the 21st Century with so much of our lives out there for people to see, connect with or even, unfortunately, copy or steal, means that a category such as this has wide ranging implications. Contactless and mobile technology adds the convenience to […]

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Meet the CMA 2016 Finalists: Next Generation Ecosystem

In this category we are looking at block chain ecosystems and use cases such as cryptocurrency platforms, supply chain or identity management. Cutting out ineffective banking intermediaries, these technologies could save billions for consumers and the financial services industry. And let’s face it – sometime, perhaps a lot sooner than some of us would care […]

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Payment security

Meet the CMA 2016 Finalists: Payment Security

There is no payment without security. In this category, we are looking for the most convincing examples of smart security mechanisms used to secure transactions – from the use of crypto-currencies to biometrics. there are many out there to choose from but four companies stood out from the rest and we felt that the world […]

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Meet the CMA 2016 Finalists: Contactless & Mobile City Initiatives

Awarded for the most ambitious and widespread initiative to implement mobile or contactless technology. Applications can include mobile payment, public transportation, hospitality and tourist schemes. there are a heap of these ongoing at the moment but these are the four that made it to the final. Here are the 2016 finalists in the Contactless & […]

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Introducing PAT – UK retail’s first delivery chatbot

Retail technology and innovation specialist Red Ant (and CMA 2016 Finalist!) has developed the retail industry’s first intelligent messenger bot specializing in delivery and eCommerce fulfillment. PAT (Personal Assisted Tracking) is a cross-platform virtual assistant for package delivery which chats in real time with customers via the messaging platform of their choice. Built using retail […]

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Meet the CMA 2016 Finalists: Transport & Ticketing

Awarded for the best use of contactless / NFC technology within the transportation and ticketing environment. Be it public transport or tickets for events, this award is aimed at those companies who have embraced the new contactless / NFC technology to deliver their specific products to a mass audience. Here are the 2016 finalists in […]

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