CMA Categories 2016

cma_page-banner_2016Now in its 10th year, the Contactless & Mobile Awards are presented to those companies, organizations and retailers who have done the most to embrace and implement contactless/NFC technology into their day-to-day operating practices.

These awards represent a real promotional springboard and give the winners a reputation and credibility for their efforts within the industry. The competition is open to all implemented contactless applications within the relevant sectors, regardless of geographic region or size of corporation. In fact 2015 saw our most diverse percentage of nominees per region than ever before, with 13% based in the UK, 34% based in mainland Europe, and 53% Rest of World.

All categories are judged by a panel of industry experts

This year have decided to combine the categories to a grand total of just 11 categories; 8 categories are judged by a panel of industry experts, 1 category is voted for by the industry and 2 categories are selected by Visa Europe – the Winners being announced at a prestigious evening ceremony organized in London following the Contactless Intelligence Spring Conference on evening of the 26th April 2016.

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The categories for 2016

Payment Innovation
Awarded for innovative schemes and applications, as well as technology. This category looks at disruptive approaches and the smart use of technology in the contactless and mobile payment space.

Retail & Loyalty
The retail industry is the front line for all consumer oriented technology innovation. Rewarding customers for brand loyalty is core to the retail industry and there are many innovative contactless and mobile implementations out there. The judges are looking for forward thinking, integrated solutions that take retail and/or loyalty to the next level.

Transportation & Ticketing
Awarded for the best use of contactless / NFC technology within the transportation and ticketing environment. Be it public transport or tickets for events, this award is aimed at those companies who have embraced the new contactless / NFC technology to deliver their specific products to a mass audience.

Contactless & Mobile City Initiatives
Awarded for the most ambitious and widespread initiative to implement mobile or contactless technology. Applications can include mobile payment, public transportation, hospitality and tourist schemes.

Payment Security
There is no payment without security. In this category, we are looking for the most convincing examples of smart security mechanisms used to secure transactions – from the use of cryptocurrencies to biometrics.

Next Generation Ecosystem
In this category we are looking at block chain ecosystems and use cases such as cryptocurrency platforms, supply chain or identity management. Cutting out ineffective banking intermediaries, these technologies could save billions for consumers and the financial services industry.

ID & Authentication
Secure Authentication is key when it comes to securing people’s identity. Contactless and mobile technology adds the convenience to ID applications, facilitating the use of government and/or private sector issued schemes. Awarded to the most prolific secure ID system out there.

Mobile Wallet
Awarded for the smartest, most consumer-friendly and easy-to-use mobile wallet implementation. Judges will be looking at security, privacy and stability as well as convenience.

Industry Choice Award
This award was introduced in 2013 and proved so popular that a real battle ensued between the top 3 contenders. The 8 category finalists are automatically entered and the online voting is open to the whole industry. What will happen in 2016?

Visa Contactless Awards

As a Platinum Sponsor of the Contactless & Mobile Awards, Visa Europe has created two special awards under the name of the Visa Contactless Awards. These awards are;

  • Visa Award for Contribution to Contactless
  • Visa Contactless Business Leader of the Year

These special awards are presented during the Contactless & Mobile Awards Gala dinner and the winners are selected by a panel of judges at Visa Europe.

How to enter

All CMA entries are free and you can enter as many categories/solutions as you like. (DISCLAIMER: This does not apply to the Visa Contactless Awards as these categories are not open to nominations).

Please note that the CMAs are now closed for submissions for 2016 – the Finalists will be announced by the middle of March.