28.04.15 – Conference Agenda

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Hilton London Tower Bridge
5 More London Place
Tooley Street
London SE1 2BY

THE CONTACTLESS INTELLIGENCE CONFERENCE is expanding and is now offering different formats to engage delegates over two days:
  • Main Contactless Intelligence conference with keynotes, presentations and panel sessions
  • Informal and interactive ‘unconference’ sessions, guided by industry specialists
  • Gala Dinner accompanying the Contactless and Mobile Awards ceremony in the evening
  • A second conference day with two in-depth forums on key future topics for the Contactless and Mobile industry: Mobile ID and Open Standards

Tuesday 28th April 2015

09.15  – 09.20 Welcome: Steve Atkins – Editor in Chief, Contactless Intelligence

Chairman: Ram Banerjee, Transaxiom

09.20  – 10.00 Keynote: State of Play Our Keynote speakers will set the current scene in the contactless arena. What projects have taken off in Europe and where is contactless being embraced by consumers? What issues will industry players face and what challenges still need to be addressed? And closer to home we examine the roll-out of credit/debit card payment for travel on the Transport for London network. Has this produced the predicted increase in contactless usage and encouraged consumers to use the technology outside of the station?

  • Visa Europe: Nick Mackie, Head of Contactless
  • Transport for London (TfL): Matthew Hudson, Head of Business Development

10.00 – 11.10  Transportation: has contactless technology finally proved its worth in this sector?  Certainly in the UK we have witnessed a major uptake in the usage of contactless technology in the transport sector over the last few years. From ITSO smart card solutions to mobile barcode technology to the acceptance of bank issued contactless payment cards. But how do transport operators make their decisions on the solutions to adopt, with such a diverse range of options now available? In this session we review some of the solutions in use in the UK today, look abroad for European success stories and discuss the possible ways forward.

  • FirstGroup: Stuart McLay, Retail Strategy Manager
  • Digimobee: Dominique Descolas, CEO


  • TfL: Matthew Hudson, Head of Business Development
  • Nottingham City Council: Jason Clifford, Principal Public Transport Officer 
  • ITSO: Steve Wakeland, General Manager
  • Infineon Technologies: Bjoern Scharfen, Marketing Director

11.10  – 11.40 Networking Coffee

11.40 – 12.50  Unattended: the move away from cash. Contactless has long been considered by the unattended sector as a way of moving away from cash, but there have been a significant number of barriers to overcome. In this session we look at the impressive progress that has been made in the UK, Europe and beyond. What different types of contactless technology is the parking sector using? What issues does the unattended market face compared to retail and transit?

  • Parking – VINCI Park: Arnaud Parfait, Innovation Manager / Orange: Emmanuel Jamin, Head of country and partnership development – Mobile Payment & NFC
  • Vending – Nayax UK: Lewis Zimbler, Operations Director


  • Coca-Cola: Alun Edwards, Sales & Marketing Procurement Director EMEA
  • British Parking Association: Manny Rasores de Toro
  • Automatic Vending Association: Neil Harrington
  • Verifone Europe: Andrew Banks, Director Unattended & Petro

12.50 – 13.50 Networking Lunch with contactless donation boxes for Save the Children

13.50 – 14.30 Implementing Contactless Innovation: Humanitarian aid in our own back yard? Each year in this session we will showcase the latest trends in contactless innovation, demonstrating how the technology can have a major impact in a new focus area.

Over the past few months we have seen a considerable increase in the use of contactless technology being used in the third sector; from enabling donation payments to delivering aid, which (we are told) is set to rise in the future. Contactless technology provides an ideal mix of convenience, speed and security, with the added bonuses of removing cash from the equation.

In this session we look at the impact contactless can have in this sector – not just abroad, but here in the UK and Europe as well. How does the provision of contactless cards and readers into the field after a natural disaster (flooding, landslides, storms, gales etc) ensure aid reaches the right people? How can organisations engage with the public to encourage more donations to charitable causes? And how can this new technology save charitable organisations and government departments money when collecting and distributing this essential aid to those who urgently require it?

  • Transaxiom: Ram Banerjee, CEO
  • Cancer Research: Paul Weaver, Digital Innovation Manager
  • Oxfam: Nathalie Blackburn, Digital Fundraising Officer

14.30 – 15.30 Mobile technologies in the retail environment In this session we review the progress of different emerging mobile technologies and discuss if the consumer and retailer have yet to benefit. What impact has Apple Pay really had on the market? What uptake have other “mobile wallets” experienced? Has BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) delivered the targeted marketing experience hoped for? Are consumers still concerned about security? Have our high streets really become more “Digital”?

  • Arishi Media Technologies: Andrew Elia, CTO
  • Norwich BID: Stefan Gurney, Exec Director/Proxama: Dr. Neil Garner, CEO
  • GS1: Ercan Kilic, Initiator and Head of the largest Mobile Payment Initiative in Germany


  • Samsung Semiconductor: Thomas Arenz, Associate Director
  • Mobilize Solutions: Andrew Goulton, Head of Client Services

15.30 – 16.00 Networking Tea

16.00  – 17.15 Networking Groups In the last session of the day, this popular working group format creates smaller teams to work on topics that will be relevant for fast tracking solutions discussed in the morning

  • Group 1: Ubiquity – How can we ensure more terminals, more contactless form factors and more users? Who is responsible for the growth of the market? How can contactless become as commonplace as Chip and PIN?
    Chairman: Terry Heath, Seren
  • Group 2: Utility – How do we move beyond payment to offer consumers and merchants a seamless experience? What’s holding back multi-application offerings? How can we ensure contactless products offer ease of use for the consumer as well as cost-savings for the merchant?
    Chairman: Richard Warren, FirstPartner
  • Group 3: Usage – How can we drive consumer behaviour? Is convenience enough of a motivator? Is transport the best way to introduce consumers to contactless?
    Chairman: John Devlin, P.A.ID
  • Group 4: Unattended – Is contactless technology the best way to bring vending into the 21st century? What issues do the unattended sector face when moving to contactless that are different to the mainstream retail segment? What will drive contactless usage in this segment?
    Chairman: Jim Birch, VMC
  • Group 5: Underground, overground – Will contactless payment card acceptance by TfL convince other transport operators to follow suit or are closed systems still a preference? What issues do operators face?
    Chairman: Kevin Farquharson, Smartran
  • Group 6: Urgency – Will contactless/NFC technologies provide a cost-effective solution for charities? Can people be encouraged to donate more through ease of use? What can the contactless industry do to support the charity sector?
    Chairman: Chris Aldridge, RaisingIT

17.15  – 17.30 Workgroup summaries + Chairman’s Roundup

17.30  – 18.00 Final visit to the demonstrations

18.30  – 19.00 Drinks reception sponsored by Infineon Technologies, with contactless donation boxes for Save the Children

19.00  – 23.00 Contactless & Mobile Awards Dinner: Corporate Sponsor Visa Europe