About Contactless Intelligence

Contactless Intelligence is different…

Because Contactless Intelligence (CI) concentrates on business-to-business within the contactless industry, we don’t talk about pushing the same old messages to an appreciative audience – we don’t ‘preach to the choir’. However, CI does believe in the use of a business-to-consumer type medium to get business-to-business messages across.

Using such products as our C-ITV video news channel, our magazine called C-IQ and our C-IC events (including the Contactless Intelligence Spring Conference and the Contactless & Mobile Awards), CI works to get your message and brand out to your target audience outside of the industry through our weekly news feed, our blog posts, our Twitter feeds, or through our usage of interview-format and custom-made video and audio broadcasts, focused on tightly targeted news and industry information and delivered to a specific industry segment of ‘live’ readers and respondents.

We focus on individuals, applications and success stories in other parts of the world and bring them to the attention of those industry sectors that you would like to influence and work with.

Contactless Intelligence also works to create a number of executive-network based events, made-to-measure for your requirements and focused on attracting members of your target industry.

Contactless Intelligence works through relationship marketing platforms that utilize a media company toolkit to create individual marketing opportunities on a modular basis for your company and your partners and aimed at your target industry segment.

Contactless Intelligence creates made-to-measure relationship marketing vehicles, putting companies which promote themselves using more traditional methods back in control of their audience messaging, market reach and relationship development with their identified customers as well as all the working bodies connected with such programs, including ICAO, national and international governmental agencies, international banks and credit card companies, mobile service operators and suppliers to the security, identification, finance, transportation and mobile wireless industry.

Contactless Intelligence has followed its audience as it has grown using it’s new integrated social media platforms – (63.5% since January 2012 alone!). The sites biggest referrer since 2012 is not Google (that’s in close 2nd place), but LinkedIn. Twitter comes in 3rd place.

Contactless Intelligence is starting to establish itself as something outside the norm of news or editorial-driven sites. Thirty-five percent of all traffic to the site click on items pertaining to the conference or the contactless and mobile awards. Fifteen percent of all visitors click “Video Spotlight”, and every Monday, after the C-I Weekly News Review is released we see an average 32% open rate (compared to a 17% industry average), which boosts visits to the site approximately 18%. Type ‘Contactless Intelligence’ into Google and we take approx. 500,000 hits and dominate the first three pages alone (and not all from our site). On YouTube (the second biggest search engine after Google) type “Contactless Intelligence” and our videos dominate the entire first page.

Our learnings from this evaluation? That the brand Contactless Intelligence has a high recognition factor and a committed audience base and network (that is growing). But what really sets CI apart is the willingness of the audience to interact and connect with CI. That is something that CI believes it can offer above and beyond other similar companies working in this field today.

Why not contact us and see how we can help your company? Just click here to send us a message and we’ll get right back to you.