Contactless Britannia Charity Roundtable 2016

featured charity_CCJoin us for an exclusive one-day roundtable that will bring together UK-based charitable organisations, payment and retail experts as well as technology providers.  This day is a unique opportunity to get a comprehensive overview of the status quo and future strategies for contactless charity donations.

Participants will discover the needs and requirements from leading UK charities and institutions – both large organisations and local charities – as well as the perspective of the payment and unattended industry representatives on the future of contactless giving. We will look to create dialogue on successful collaborations with the aim to understand how contactless technologies can be harnessed by the charity sector to increase donations.

What is the Contactless Charity Donation Framework?

Take a day and attend the Contactless Britannia Charity Roundtable to find out all there is to know about the Contactless Charity Donation proposition. This market sector has the potential to be another example of contactless excellence in Great Britain as it leads on technological innovation for fundraising. The Roundtable is a unique opportunity to be a part of a discussion that can make a real difference in the strategic direction that charitable giving is taking.

The UK Cards Association will give an insight into the increasing importance that contactless is becoming in people’s lives. An overview of the Contactless Charity Donation framework will give a good indication of what has been worked on so far.

montageWhat are the business cases that could make contactless fundraising take off?

We have invited leading UK charities to share with the attendees what contactless donations mean to them and the outlook over the coming years. We are also looking for a “wish list” from the charities present on the day to give to the representatives of the payment industry and technology vendors.

What can be done to help charities using contactless successfully in the future?

Another topic of interest is how smaller charities can be brought into the contactless movement. Leading technology vendors from the payment and unattended sector will present their visions for the coming years and what the tech industry is doing to make large-scale contactless charity donations a reality.

An important – and costly – part of the investment considerations remains to be the POS (Point Of Sale) infrastructure. During the day, we will be discussing different financing models to make this more affordable for charities and how corporate sponsors could be brought in to make a tangible difference through contactless technology. POS leasing or sharing models may present an answer to the cost of POS infrastructures.

Migration to Mobile – can the smart phone add a new dimension to fundraising interaction?

The obvious next step after contactless is to start giving donations using the mobile phone. Most of the POS infrastructure supports both, cards and mobile, so the implementation could be achieved using clever, incentive-backed apps. During the day we will be discussing this approach. Also using the mobile phone as a contactless terminal for the collection of donations may be a cost-saving aspect worth investigating.

Join the Contactless Intelligence Network

At Contactless Intelligence, we want to use our extensive network to facilitate meaningful debate and work towards real collaboration by tackling core topics. Even to people who work in the tech industry, it is not clear what technology to back when planning ahead in new segments.

The Contactless Britannia “How can the Third Sector Benefit from Contactless Technology?” is the 2nd Roundtable in a series of events designed  to connect those responsible for contactless implementations and government stakeholders with technology vendors, industry consultants and research organisations within the UK and beyond.

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