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Inside Secure delivers next-generation Content Protection Solutions

Inside Secure has announced the availability of its most-advanced secure players to date: Content Protection Client HD for Desktop, meeting the increasingly demanding security requirements for browser-based viewing; and Content Protection Client Premium HD,protecting early-window movies (that audiences can watch within a few weeks theatrical release). Likewise, the acquisition this year of Meontrust for strong authentication […]

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INSIDE Secure launches total mobile security offer with next generation VaultSEcure

INSIDE Secure has announced the availability of second-generation VaultSEcure(TM) secure element, the market’s first fully comprehensive mobile security chip. The key feature that sets it apart from other secure elements available today is its built-in applications to address security vulnerabilities in enterprise and entertainment markets, such as DAR (Data-at-Rest) protection, VPN (Virtual Private Network), DRM […]

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