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From luggage tag to ViewTag

Fancy never losing your bags in transit again? Or how about getting rid of those annoying paper luggage transit tags that are stuck onto your bags when checking in? Well, Vanguard ID Systems, a manufacturer of custom-printed bar-coded, magnetic-stripe and RFID cards and key tags, labels and bands, has developed a reusable RFID-enabled luggage tag that includes a […]

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GURU POST: The future of ID credentials and the role of privacy in an NFC world

By Ayman S. Ashour. Chief Executive Officer,Chairman of the Board, Identive Group Market research suggests that in the next few years, Near Field Technology, or NFC, will be all around us. As consumers, NFC will become omnipresent in our lives and NFC-enabled mobile phones will likely become our primary consumer ID credential. When staying at a […]

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LEGIC introduces NFC-based people identification

At Security Essen, along with Kaba, LEGIC Identsystems AG, the Swiss expert in contactless people identification, demonstrated how access applications and rights can be loaded over a mobile network on to NFC telephones using a TSM. While most of the current batch of NFC innovation announcements are in the areas of payments and the issuing […]

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