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Netclearance releases mBeaconSAM, the first commercially-available Bluetooth 5 payment beacon

Netclearance, providers of smart Bluetooth payment terminals, today unveils the world’s first commercially available Bluetooth 5 payment beacon. mBeaconSAM comes in a mini SIM-card sized smart card that fits into existing card reader terminals and will enable them for IoT payments transactions. The company says that the device brings three key benefits to merchants and […]

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Netclearance’s new beacon to enable mobile payments

Netclearance, the smart beacon technology provider, has launched its latest beacon: the mBeaconVend. Its mobile-agnostic beacon technology allows vending machines to accept payments direct from a smart phone mobile wallet. “The vending machine industry has been slow to capitalize on the growing cashless economy in the US, with the vast majority of machines still relying […]

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