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G+D Mobile Security supports Rabobank in secure mobile payment solution

G+D Mobile Security worked with Dutch Rabobank to migrate Rabobank’s existing SIM-based mobile payment solution to a cloud-based mobile payment application using state-of-the-art HCE (Host Card Emulation) technology. In addition, G+D Mobile Security`s Convego AppWorld solution enables Rabobank to build their own mobile ecosystem around mobile payments with a rich choice of value-added services. “Rabo […]

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Rabobank closes MiniTix – focuses on Rabo Wallet

Rabobank is continuing its mobile payment strategy and focus upon it Rabo Wallet and in doing so will stop its MiniTix mobile wallet service from 01 November. The Dutch bank said mobile payments was moving towards contactless methods, and it plans to scale down other services such as MiniTix, which uses the mobile number as […]

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