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Nets delivers instant P2P payments in partnership with Norway’s leading mobile wallet provider, Vipps

 Nets has entered into a three-year partnership with Vipps, Norway’s leading mobile payment application provider, to deliver instant P2P payments to customers of all Norwegian banks partnered with Vipps. Users of Norwegian bank, DNB, primary stakeholder of Vipps, are already benefitting from instant payment transfers enabled by Vipps’ payment app. The partnership with Nets will enable the extension […]

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Norweigian mobile payment solution Vipps takes on another 100 banks

Around 100 Norwegian banks have joined forces with Norway’s largest bank, DNB, to use DNB’s new mobile payment system known as Vipps that was launched in conjunction with Tata Consultancy Services. Among them are the SpareBank1 alliance and several other small savings banks, which will become minority owners of the system DNB recently developed to […]

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