The Intelligence.

Welcome to The Intelligence.

What is it you ask? Put simply, it’s a series of  monthly quizzes that are based around what is happening in the market for NFC and contactless and will require you to keep up-to-date in, well, everything. I say everything, but don’t worry, there will normally be a piece of text accompanying the questions that you can find some of the answers in.

The quiz will last for approximately ten to fifteen days every month.

The prizes will be worth the effort. So far we have had R2-D2 robots,  flying mini helicopter, Blackberry Bolds and SAMSUNG Galaxy SIII’s! Well, you get the message – the prizes are worth having. Just have a look at what is on offer this month!

We will also be spreading word of the competition through press releases, news feeds, on our site, Facebook and through groups within social networking site LinkedIn. That way, we get an unprecedented number of views and interest from individuals worldwide working on NFC and contactless projects and applications.

Our “Intelligence” sponsor will also have site masthead branding for this period of time. As well as branding, the sponsor will also have a chance to set questions, tasks and provide users and visitors with their own unique view on the industry and market. There will also be chances to take polls and gain feedback from this engaged audience.

Is there any better way to test your knowledge of the industry?

Sample Intelligences from 2012

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If you would like to know how participation and sponsorship of Contactless Intelligence’s ‘The Intelligence’ could benefit your promotional and communication strategy, then please contact Susan Hicks ( for further details.