The Intelligence – Oct 2012

UPDATE>> Competition Winner! The winner of October’s THE INTELLIGENCE is Nathalie Metayer from France. Congratulations, Nathalie, we’ll be in contact soon to ship your prize over.

This quarter’s sponsor of THE INTELLIGENCE  is Samsung Semiconductors – the prime supporter of the OSPT Alliance. And take a look at the picture on the left to see what you can win each month from October to December this year! Pretty cool…

Now let’s look at the subject matter for this month’s INTELLIGENCE quiz.

The OSPT Alliance

Public transit systems worldwide are currently collecting fares using closed-loop applications and smart cards. Most of these collection systems rely on proprietary contactless technologies that provide only a basic level of security. Because these systems and newer payment technologies, multi-application cards, and near-field communication (NFC) phones are susceptible to compromise, there is a compelling need for more secure fare-collection systems. In addition, public transit customers want to use one ticket for multiple modes of transportation across cities, regions, or even countries.

The OSPT Alliance is driving development of secure, open-standard fare-collection solutions based on the CIPURSETM open security standard, which provides the technical foundation for collecting transit fares safely and efficiently. The OSPT Alliance has created a forum for defining and evolving the CIPURSE standard, providing development tools, and promoting global adoption of fare collection solutions based on open standards.

The organization’s work benefits all stakeholders in the transit ecosystem. Across technologies, open standards have repeatedly proven to reduce operations costs, simplify system migration, improve security, and increase industry competition, which benefits transit operators and agencies through interoperable, cost-competitive solutions.

Today’s automatic fare collection (AFC) systems must be upgraded or replaced to accommodate new smart card and mobile solutions. At the same time, growing security threats and shrinking budgets demand that agencies increase efficiency. Agencies must decide soon whether to replace legacy fare-collection systems with newer versions of proprietary systems or move to new open systems with significant advances in security, interoperability, and flexibility. By adopting solutions based on the CIPURSE standard, transit agencies can benefit from cost-effective, highly secure, flexible, scalable, and extensible fare collection systems and a rich ecosystem of interoperable solutions.

The Alliance is headquartered in Munich, Germany. As a global organization, it encourages participation by members in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. The Alliance has active marketing and technical working groups. The marketing working group devises and executes external-facing strategies and programs designed to raise the Alliance’s profile within the transit industry and across the transit ecosystem. The technical work group focuses on developing and refining the CIPURSE standard. Various subgroups are created as needed to address specific technical issues.

Here’s a short video explaining a little more about the OSPT Alliance.

This quarter, we are giving away a new Galaxy S3 from Samsung every month, and who wouldn’t want one of those? To get one, all you have to do is answer five simple questions – the answers are in the article above (we don’t want to make it too hard!)

And so on to the questions;

Q1.     What problem does the OSPT Alliance address?

  1. The collecting of fares using closed-loop applications and smart cards.
  2. How to keep tracks clear of wet leaves
  3. Getting trains to run on time

Q2.     What does the OSPT Alliance provide to the transit industry?

  1. More conductors on buses and trains
  2. The open CIPURSE standard to reduce operations costs, simplify migration, improve security, and increase industry competition to benefit transit operators
  3. Anti-Graffiti paint and decorations

Q3.     Why is a new, open standard needed for transit?

  1. So that all ticket agencies can speak the same language
  2. To comply with new Government regulations in the transit industry
  3. So that automatic fare collection (AFC) systems can be upgraded or replaced to accommodate innovative ticketing solutions on cards & phones

Q4.     Where is the OSPT Alliance headquartered?

  1. Munich, Germany
  2. Seoul, Korea
  3. San Francisco, USA

Q5.     What is the focus of the OSPT Alliance work groups?

  1. Sales and human resources
  2. Marketing and technical
  3. Interior design and decoration

Enter now!

Feel like entering? No problem. You can either use the Facebook entry form or simply send us an email using the form below.

In the main message section simply put the question numbers and the right answers in the email e.g. Q1-3, Q2-1, etc…

Easy. You will then be added to the prize draw and your chance to win a fantastic SAMSUNG Galaxy SIII !!!

Good Luck!

Further reading;

CIPURSE™ is a registered trademark of the OSPT Alliance

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